Firefox and GTK+ 3

Firefox and GTK+ 3 Lately at Collabora I have been working on helping Mozilla with the GTK+ 3 port of Firefox. The problem The issue we had to solve is that GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3 cannot be loaded in the same address space. Moving Firefox from GTK+ 2 to GTK+ 3 isn’t a problem, as only GTK+ 3 […]
RCBW #1 – Me too! After fixing some bugs this week, I’ve noticed they’ve been one per day (on average) so I think I’m joining Stefano Zacchiroli on this RCBW thingie… let’s see if I can keep up! These are this week’s bugs: #561645 – gdesklets – Doesn’t work with python2.6 (thanks to Andrew Starr-Bochicchio) #571488 – gedit – FTBFS […]
Boycott Novell My last post about becoming a Debian Developer has, to my surprise, been linked from I wonder why it would be interesting in such a page. My guess is that it’s been included there because I mentioned “Josselin Mouette”, who has been flamed before in that page. Maybe they automatically filter several planets, and […]
New Debian developer Emilio Pozuelo Monfort I’ve been waiting for a mail with a subject like the one in the title for some time already, and it’s finally arrived at my inbox this morning! This means I’m a DD now, and will soon start to break^Wupload things into the archive. Big thanks to all the people that have helped and guided […]
I recommend to accept Emilio as a Debian Developer. Woo!