Baby Boomers and their Grown-Up Kids

Baby Boomers and their Grown-Up Kids We overheard this conversation recently between two sixty-something moms (Let’s call them Cindy and Sheila) in a trendy West LA eatery: Cindy: My son’s depressed. Works part-time. No relationship. I want to get him into therapy. Sheila: Where’s he living? Cindy: Back with us at home. He knows he’s always welcome. Sheila: So much potential. […]
Is DTLA for Real? Downtown Los Angeles is surpassing Silverlake, West Hollywood, Echo Park, Los Feliz and all the rest as the most “hippified” neighborhood in Southern California. Now rivaling Williamsburg, Brooklyn for its bohemian urbanism, DTLA blends sights, sounds and smells of authentic city life with requisite population density and underground train stations. The tension between wealth-driven “gentrification” […]
Labor for Bernie? Friends are asking my opinion of the Sanders candidacy, partly because of my background and connection to Vermont. I left the state a long time ago but return fairly often. I remember Sanders from the ’70s when he was with Liberty Union, a radical “third party” roughly equivalent to California’s Peace and Freedom. I was […]
Ride and Rail Diary Traffic in L.A.’s flower district was unbearable but I didn’t have any trouble navigating around Wall, 8th or Santee. It took a few minutes to realize I was witnessing a Mother’s Day Weekend buying frenzy and just happened to be bicycling through. There was nobody to pick up flowers for anyway. My mother’s been gone […]
TRADE TECH AT 90 Want to learn to build or fix Or bake a pie or stir a mix What it takes to cut your hair Refrigerate the office air Design a dress for night or day Or figure out just what to say On philosophy and poly sci The history of you and I Become a nurse or […]